5 modern ways to wear a denim jacket

Denim jackets and leather pieces are a few of those things that will never leave our closet.

The most timeless pieces are our jean jackets. We wear them each fall, spring, and reach for them whenever possible. So, how can we revamp our staple denim jacket into something more modern?

Here we have put together five modern ways to wear a denim jacket this 2020.

1. Pair Up

Style your denim jacket with a similar shade, for instance, a denim skirt, to create an effortless look. To make your look a bit more relaxed, think about paring up with a hoodie.

2. Double- Denim

Double denim is a style for cooler days. Wear denim inside your jean jacket, and it can be anything, a denim shirt even if it feels too bulky. Don’t forget to add feminine charm and accessories to lend a ladylike look.

3. Mix-n-match

Mix and match your denim jacket with a lighter pair of jeans. Choose a contrasting color of jeans on the bottom and also choose a different color for your sneakers. Incorporate it with add-on accents such as a white leather backpack for a casual look. Now you can also lend and borrow the purses of your own choice right from here- https://www.sydneypawnshop.com.au/we-lend-on.

4. Try Undone

Wear your jacket the way you would as a collared shirt but leave a few buttons at the bottom. Leave the buttons unfastened and style it with the pant or skirt of your choice. Layer it up with super chic and playful accessories.

5. Create a laid-back layer

A longer denim jacket is the perfect option for you to create a laidback layer. So, opt for a trench coat and pair it up with other pieces that are structured and feel less fluffy. You can pull the same style with an oversized denim jacket or the plus sizes too.

On the bottom line, denim jackets are our year-round staple dress, and there is no end to how you can style and pair it up.



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