Handy Explores How Bad Can the Coronavirus Outbreak Possibly Get


According to Handy, the global outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus has been an issue of threat across countries, whether it is Europe, America, Asia. or somewhere else. For a number of reasons, the virus is deadly and can wipe out millions of people if not resisted soon. At the time of writing, the death toll has already surpassed 13000 people and the situation is getting worse with time. Though the doctors and the scientists are trying their best to solve the problem, there is yet no sign of any solution.

Considering all these facts, it can be said that the tide is not in our favor and the next few weeks are going to be very crucial for the whole world. But what are the possibilities in reality? Is there any chance of a global extinction? Let’s find out the answer below:

The Possibilities

1. The Case in Wuhan- The Chinese government made a fatal mistake when they allowed the common people to gather and celebrate the Lunar New Year festival despite knowing that there was news of several people getting affected by an unknown disease; an unknown form of pneumonia. From there the virus has been spread and there is no stoppage yet. We must learn from China’s mistake and prohibit any kind of mass gathering.

2. A Comparative Study- By far, the Spanish flu of 1918 is the most devastating epidemic in the history of the human race since the twentieth century. It took the lives of nearly 50 million people worldwide and the number in the US was 675,000! It is still not certain where the COVID-19 will stop. But let’s hope for the best. Several scientists and the study reports of WHO show that the possible deaths can be around 1 million more or less. This resembles the pandemic flu of 1968.

3. Possible Reasons- The most significant reason is the lack of any cure or any vaccine that could prevent the disease. This is why the virus has taken the shape of an epidemic. But, for children and for elderly people, it is way more frightening as these two share the most vulnerable immune system. As a result, the chance is the highest for them to get affected.

4. Current Situation- China was leading the death toll until Italy surpassed the number becoming a helpless victim despite having one of the best health service facilities in the world. In Asia, apart from China, Iran is the most affected country. The situation is not so good in South Korea either. In Europe, apart from Italy, countries like Spain, Belgium, Germany are falling prey to this disease as well. In the US, the number of infected is rising day by day. We should not forget the proverbial saying that prevention is always better than cure.

The larger part of the society is getting affected by not only the disease but also by the rumors and fake news about the pandemic. It is clearly stated that the 2009 outbreak of the H1N1 virus killed more people than the coronavirus to date.


Thus, there is no need to get panicked when you follow proper hygiene, avoid mass gathering, and of course, stay at home quarantine. Handy suggests you raise awareness by knowing the scientific facts, don’t spread or get panicked by fake rumors. This is the need of the hour. If we don’t try to prevent the COVID-19 outbreak right now, it can get too late.