How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Win Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

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Insurance companies have a notorious reputation when it comes to the settlement of a claim. There are several instances when an insurance company may deny your claim.

What should you do when they provide insufficient payment on the claim or deny it altogether? This is the time when a personal injury lawyer comes to the best action in helping you recover the claim that you deserve.

Each state views this notorious practice of insurance companies differently. It is essential to know what Florida’s “bad faith” law states and how a personal injury lawyer can help you win the claim.

Florida Bad Faith Insurance Law and How To Approach The Claim

Whether you choose a health insurance policy or a comprehensive car insurance policy, the insurance company always the best laid-out plan to escape your claims. No matter how much or how little you use the insurance coverage, they shell out large premiums every month. This costly premium keeps on increasing every single year.

Under the Florida Unfair Claims Practice Act (UFCA), it is against the law when an insurance company denies providing fair payment on the claim and you are legally entitled to be treated in “good faith”.

You must know that the insurer is legally obligated to treat your reasonably and must provide reasonable settlements of the claim.

But a large body of Florida citizens, including claim adjusters, are not aware of Florida’s Fair Claim Handling Regulations. Hence, insurance companies attempt to bend the law by terminating the policy or by refusing to settle the claim.

Expect the insurance companies to employ legal teams to refuse the settlements at court, and that’s why you need a knowledgeable injury lawyer who knows the ins and outs of Florida Bad Faith lawsuit.

The personal injury lawyers in Florida have handled several cases, and we are familiar with all the tactics and tricks insurers use to escape from paying you the money you deserve.

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