Top 4 Cleaning Tactics for Your Rubber Roofing

Installing the best roofing system in your house is one of the essential tasks as a homeowner. You need to choose the best-fitted material for the roof, considering durability, sustainability, cost, and maintenance details.

EPDM rubber roofing is a long-lasting roofing system that comes with a low-maintenance advantage. You need to know the few basic tactics to clean the roofing once in a while. Plus, repairing the roofing can also be affordable. But you can ensure proper maintenance to get it in a long way.

Consider cleaning your EPDM rubber roofing every 90 days. The following tips will be helpful to you.

Inspect the Roof: First, you need to inspect the roofing system for any growing mildew or mould. Plus, ensure the ladder is placed securely, and the surroundings are positive to clean your roof.

Initial Cleaning Setup: Before starting the detailed cleaning procedure, consider sweeping the surface to remove dust and small particles. You can use a pressure washer or hose pipe to clean the roof surface. Make sure no loose dirt, grime, or caulk is left on the surface.

Clean the Rubber Roof Accordingly: Now it’s time to apply the cleaning agent by following the instructions. Instead of cleaning agents mostly made for roofing solution, you can also use detergent or liquid soap with a mixture of water.

But don’t apply any abrasive detergent, petroleum-based solvent, or citrus solvent to clean the roof. These can damage your roofing material. Do the mopping from the front side to the backside of the top.

Get Rid of Stubborn Grime: Stubborn grime can make the surface more damaged over time. You may not remove them at a time, but using a soft-bristled brush can help to scrub and to pull out the stubborn grime quickly. Consider changing the water each time you clean the area to get a clean outlook.

Overall, ensure the best EPDM Installers London installs the rubber roofing because it may impact on the future system. A quality installation can lead your roofing system last a long time. Plus, don’t forget to provide the cleaning when it’s time.